Hacking the Lights Out ,The WEF Attack Tools to the Electrical Grid

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Hacking the Lights Out ,The  WEF Attack Tools to the Electrical Grid

Computer viruses have taken out hardened industrial control systems. The electrical power grid may be next

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are industrial computers used to control different electro-mechanical processes for use in manufacturing, plants, or other automation environments. PLCs can range from small modular devices with tens of inputs and outputs (I/O) in a housing integral with the processor, to large rack-mounted modular devices with a count of thousands of I/O, and which are often in networks containing other PLC and SCADA systems. PLCs help in the functioning of critical infrastructure. They have been widely adopted as high-reliability automation controllers suitable for harsh environments. Even though PLCs are used on mission critical applications such as nuclear power plants, they were not designed with cybersecurity in mind. An example of an ICS attack is Stuxnet, which targeted the nuclear program of Iran. The industrial cybersecurity industry has grown significantly in recent years. More industries are following the Purdue Model for segmenting the Operational Technology (OT) Network from The Informational Technology (IT) Network to improve their cybersecurity posture. More information regarding the Purdue model can be found here. In our “PLC Hacking” series, we are going to cover different methods of interacting with PLCs, the different protocols which they use, and to demonstrate their inherent lack of security protection. In this particular blog, we will be looking at setting up the PLC and writing a ladder logic program into it.

WEF Attack Tools to the Power Grid, Hardware Hacking:

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